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Input: 100-240V ~ 4.4 A- 50/60Hz

Output: 19V 6.32A 120W

Connecter Size: 5.5mm*2.5mm


LX830-10F, LX830-10U, LX830-11D, LX830-11N, LX830-12M, LX830-12W, LX830-130 ,LX830-137

X70, PA3290U-3ACA, PA3290E-1ACA, PA3290E-2ACA, PA3381E-1ACA, PA3717E-1ACA, PA3717U-1ACA, ADP-120ZB,

Along with the Acer models, this power supply is also compatible with Advent Toshiba Dell Asus laptops with the same power requirements and tip size.

SUMVISION Acer, Toshiba Compatible Laptop Charger, 19V 6.32A 120W 5.5 x 2.5

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