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Compatible printers:HP Deskjet 5940HP Deskjet 5943HP Deskjet 6980HP Deskjet D4145HP Deskjet D4155HP Deskjet D4160HP Deskjet D4163HP Deskjet D4168HP Officejet 6310HP Officejet 6315HP Photosmart 2570HP Photosmart 2575HP Photosmart 2575 VHP Photosmart 2575 XiHP Photosmart 8050HP Photosmart 8750HP Photosmart C4180HP Officejet 100 MobileHP DeskJet 6940 DTHP OfficeJet K7103HP OfficeJet 6304HP DeskJet 6943HP OfficeJet K7108HP OfficeJet 6308HP DeskJet 6980 DTHP OfficeJet 6310 VHP DeskJet 6983HP OfficeJet 6318HP Photosmart 2571HP Photosmart 2577HP Photosmart 2578HP Photosmart C4170HP Photosmart C4173HP Photosmart C4190HP Photosmart C4193HP Photosmart C4194HP OfficeJet 100 Mobile PrinterHP OfficeJet 150 Mobile PrinterHP Officejet 6307HP Officejet 6305HP Deskjet 5940 XIHP Deskjet 6548HP Deskjet 6940HP Officejet 6300HP Officejet 6310 XiHP Officejet 6313HP Officejet 7130 XiHP Photosmart 2573HP Photosmart 8049HP Photosmart 8050 XiHP Photosmart C4100HP Photosmart C4110HP Photosmart C4140HP Photosmart C4150HP Photosmart C4183HP Photosmart C4188HP Photosmart D5145HP Photosmart D5160HP Photosmart D5168HP Photosmart Pro B8350HP Officejet Pro K7100HP Officejet H470HP Officejet H470 BHP Officejet H470 WBTHP Officejet K7100

Compatible HP 343 Colour ink

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