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Compatible printers: HP Deskjet 1050HP Deskjet 2050HP Deskjet 2050 SHP Deskjet 2510 All-in-OneHP Deskjet 3000HP Deskjet 3050A e-All-in-OneHP Deskjet 3055A e-All-in-OneHP DeskJet 1000HP DeskJet 1050AHP DeskJet 2000HP DeskJet 3052AHP DeskJet 3054AHP DeskJet 3057AHP DeskJet 3059AHP DeskJet 3050HP DeskJet 3054HP Envy 4500HP Envy 4502HP Envy 4504HP Envy 4505HP Envy 5530HP Envy 5539HP DeskJet 3510 e-all-in-oneHP Deskjet 1010HP Deskjet 1012HP Deskjet 1014HP Deskjet 1051HP Deskjet 1051aHP Deskjet 1055HP Deskjet 1056HP Deskjet 1510HP Deskjet 1512HP Deskjet 1514HP Deskjet 2050aHP Deskjet 2054aHP Deskjet 2510HP Deskjet 2511HP Deskjet 2512HP Deskjet 2514HP Deskjet 2540HP Deskjet 2542HP Deskjet 2544HP Deskjet 3050AHP Deskjet 3055AHP Deskjet 3510HP Envy 4501HP Envy 4506HP Envy 4509HP Envy 5531HP Envy 5532HP Envy 5534HP Envy 5535HP Officejet 2620HP Officejet 2621HP Officejet 2622HP Officejet 2624HP Officejet 4630

Compatible HP 301XL Colour ink

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