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Compatible printers: HP Photosmart C4780HP Deskjet D2600HP Deskjet F4210HP Deskjet F4224HP Deskjet F2420HP Deskjet F2480HP Deskjet F2492HP Deskjet D1660HP Deskjet D2660HP Deskjet D5560HP Photosmart C4680HP Photosmart C4685HP Deskjet F4288HP ENVY 110 e-All-in-OneHP DeskJet F4273HP DeskJet F4274HP DeskJet F4292HP DeskJet F4293HP DeskJet F4294HP DeskJet F4400HP DeskJet F4480HP DeskJet D1663HP DeskJet 3050HP DeskJet D5500HP DeskJet D5563HP Envy 100HP Envy 114HP Envy 120HP Photosmart C4670HP Photosmart C4785HP Photosmart C4795HP Photosmart C4799HP DeskJet 4580HP Deskjet F2400HP Deskjet F4280 All-in-OneHP Deskjet D2500HP Deskjet D2560HP Deskjet D2563HP Deskjet F4200HP Deskjet F4240HP Deskjet F4272HP Deskjet F4275HP Deskjet F4280HP Deskjet F4283

Compatible HP 300XL Black ink

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