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Vegas Controller Mate
3-Pin Addressable RGB controller cable, fully customisable with mode, speed and colour changing buttons.

Manual Addressable RGB Controller
- Gain total control of the vibrant Addressable RGB (aRGB) lighting with 3 setting buttons.
- Compact design to facilitate controller concealment.
- 5V aRGB connector.

Total Control of the Look
Have total control on the look of your aRGB LEDs with the help of the 3 added buttons to change the mode, speed and colour.
- M: Switch between modes
- S: Control brightness and speed (control brightness during constant mode / control speed during dynamic mode)#
- C: Toggle colour

Ideal Size for Better Concealment
Small design gives you the ability to conceal controller for a clean look.

Addressable RGB LED Controller

400 mm

Connector 1
SATA 15-pin (M)

Connector 2
5V Addressable RGB LED (M)

Pre-Set Lighting Modes
Rainbow / Breathing / Constant / Running / Wave / Cycle / Cross / Flashing
Button C: Switch colour
Button S: Control brightness and speed
(In the constant mode (monochrome), it is used to adjust the brightness)

Output Support
Up to 2A/5V

AKASA Vegas Controller Mate Addressable RGB Controller Cable, SATA 15-Pin (M)

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